I want to say this email is the worst thing I’ve received since COVID. I’d probably be right, though it’s easier to confront shitty memes being worse. I’d probably be wrong, because loss is continuing to pile on. I’d probably be right when I consider this would have been my only “vacation”. I’d probably be wrong after hearing about deaths of family members, not mine. I’d probably be right considering this hurt more than not being able to walk across a stage. I’d probably be wrong because I actually don’t think the two are comparable. Shitty email. 2/10.

There’s a really strange energy going around where, I think, people are reverting back to the days they were home alone during summer break in their younger years. There’s talk of folks rewatching the Twilight series, rereading Harry Potter, listening to The XX, Crystal Castles, getting back on Club Penguin, playing dress up. Summer break in our younger years is the closest thing we have to latch onto for a familiar feeling and figure out how to fill up all the empty time. People’s actions seem really genuine right now and it’s probably because they’re forced to spend it with themselves. This is possibly the first time people have spent this much time with themselves since then. This is one of my favorite COVID memes. 10/10 in or out of quarantine.

Honorable mention. My best friend got released early. Personally, this is the best thing to come out of COVID.