If you didn't already know

Sometimes there is too much time spent in the presence of you and you and you and I’m ready to pack up the belongings of me and enjoy myself

Sometimes in a room full of people you take up so much space everyone is crushed up, squished up, and bent over in a corner


I, sometimes like to imagine how you’d 

respond to being squished up into a corner

You’d probably find a way to make more room

    Admirable, maybe


Sometimes in a wide open space, I see you cower, fidgeting, irritable, anxious because there’s nothing to stop you from expanding

How long would it take for there to be nothing left?

Sometimes you yearn for new, bolder, and louder only to lower your head, smirk your slightly open mouth, and walk in the opposite direction when it presents itself before you and I can’t help but wonder what is good enough?