looking for a fag who understands


a faggot whose eyes meet hollow stares , surveilling their every aberration

skin pulled 2 taught

    jaw fell 2 slack

static frames in place of ebbing curls


fags whose bodies hav transformed to mesh

so as not to absorb their degradation

untenanted for their own safeguarding


in search of a faggot who screams cries

long abandoned by the promise of sanctity , safety , devotion


with a spirit like an uneven sound whipped across a motionless field


fags who are barely here . bodies long left behind in 

the tall grass at nondescript locations ; drafty bedrooms at 4 am ; gleaming pools of 

humiliation and promise


searching 4 a kinder domain


i want a faggot to crawl up inside me , examine every bone 

like a collector inspecting a specimen for faults and tell me

          yes we are the same kind of damaged

             i’ll let u witness me as long as u don’t 

                                      saw me in half