The briny waters boil beneath this heap of garbaged soil,

Smothered against Ocean’s face, an unctuous bile,

Scattered sludge and plashes of slick form abscesses on the surface.

The scaly fish look up to fishy heaven and announce: 

“Ahoy! The sky itself has weighed anchor”.

While haunting fowl, frenzied flying beasts feast and peck upon its fetid banquet,

Gawking bottles bob up and down against the great echoed bowl,

Gulls stalk across the buoying brambled marsh,

The bloated bird's gullets burst with spew,

Erupting from plastic glogged gallbladder spittle.

Exhausted waves that lap and purge divide and catabolise the clotted heap.

Slowly choked the sea to blue,

A diseased lagoon unable to digest, 

That turns its crazy coral into a whitish wreck.