I have always had a bystander interest in death pop subcultural movements, especially the cross over with 90’s alternative rock (just check out the music video ‘Stitches’ by Orgy, or literally just listen to Evanescence). The intro to Happy World Daddy hosted by the meta-culture comedian Samual Hyde, has hospital grunge graphics that really feed my 90s microbio-dimension fauxstalgia. If there is a next stage to this avante gluttony I think it can be found in an alt collaboration with parallel contemporary movements like faux-lore, dungeon synth music, and @llykoi‘s kitsch paintings. This all makes me somewhat hopeful I will be a part of the vaccine aesthetic that is only just beginning to appear now in cyberwear x Bladee fashion (not so much E-girls, but definitely internet aesth-fascists). I will eventually find an identity in the post-rawr/post-pandemic alt-modern cultures of the future into which we are about to emerge; if not already embryoed inside of. An embryo is good analogy here: the dimension of no time, of no community, just your single globulous glob. This is an open letter to Mark Fisher.