Movie of the week 

The final sequel from “The adventure of Class 2020 in UC Berkeley” series

                                       Oski and the Coronavirus 

From the political riot 3 years ago to the natural disaster the next year, to the institutional conspiracy last year, Oski has been through a series of challenges on his way to graduation. This year, the series launched its new episode - Oski and the Coronavirus. This time, Oski is going to face the biggest challenge ever. It might not be as violent as the fire in the MLK center, but it lasts way longer than one night. It might not be as visually threatening as being swallowed by smokes, but the invisible danger lurks everywhere in the air. It might not be as life-transforming as losing electricity, but something more important are running out now — toilet paper! In this ending story of Oski’s university life, Oksi needs to find a way to survive this quarantined ghost campus. We'll see a physical transformation on Oski that was developed to protect Oski from the virus. We'll also see Oski experiencing the spiritual struggles in an online carnival of discount sales. And finally, in what would eventually bring an ending to the series, we'll uncover mysteries from Oski’s past - why doesn't Oski ever leave UC campus? How many years of college life have Oski spent? Will Oski ever graduate? What is the secret behind Oski’s smirky smile?





This is

True Empathy 

So real

Almost too real that it starts to remind me of how many days I have been working on google docs only after 4am and sleeping over the class that I was supposed to meet virtual classmates with the doc ready. TOOOOO real that it hurts


So I guess...

We're all

too late to learn coding......?