1.       Dialogue 


 Honey, the baby is not  a psychopath 

Are you asking me or someone said that?

Dr.Shaman told me. A is not a psychopath nor a sociopath. it’s just an introvert. 

So, what’s the treatment for that?       

Dr. Shaman said the baby needs to go to Westside.  

Hum, what about America, where Mitchell Wi and Se-ri Park live!

But. America is on the Eastside 



2.      A list of doctors who try to cure A  (because of my lack of vocabulary, i could not fill out all.)


(ctivisit)rtis: the craziest, potentialist 




scapist: the latest choice given (?>)

eminist: welcomer,  empatheist   

eographist: would soon see the inner core of the earth, but not the one who touches the inner core





obbyist: would save A from the stubbornest capitalist, then they will present the graciousest mercy. 

arcissist, the best of designating, will diagnose contemporist disease and build the highest nationalists.


rotagonist: the lastest protagonist,???


omantist: whom the strangest signal send, turns Racist to colorful propose 



topist:  (what is utopia for themmm???)) 


aitlist: (carrying everything???)




3.      The introvert’s funeral 


       A becomes 260 years old. she repeatedly asks her family to make the head of her coffin head west. A hive is waiting for her. She feels excited because we haven’t seen this big family’s beehive for a wild. she touches the hive and gets stung by the bees. The introvert is dying without making any sound. Her family and people around her expressed gratitude for her sacrifice and hard work that she has done for them. But only her daughter did not. The daughter believes that her mother was a victim. The daughter has said nothing, but she has a belief that she is a witness. Because no one question about her mother's sacrifice, she responded accordingly. Such a sudden passing made the daughter turn into a neglector, which means she is now one of the inflictors. Her daughter who is the receiver of introverter but a little bit louder than her mother becomes a searcher of her mother’s sepulcher. But there is no such space to lay the body down in this ground. It is full of well-cared and un-composted monarch’s and doctors’ caskets. The daughter brings her mother’s corpse to her motherland. Of course, the much smaller land is even fuller. The daughter jumps all over the earth for searching for another continent. what she sees is people dug the mine too deep to see the inner core of the earth. A boy, who is a singer, is walking on the upper mantle with an extractor for lower mantle flowing down to the outer core, finally touches the inner core. The daughter gave up burying her mother in the center of the earth. The daughter climbs up the lower mantle, upper mantle, and finally steps on the crust of the earth. And a man is standing in front of them.  
The daughter shows the corpse of her mother to a doorkeeper and explains how poorer, miserabler her mother’s death was. The doorkeeper, the best dresser, makes mercifuler face and brings someone from inside of the greenhouse. A master of the house who has the mercifulest smile and generousestly welcomes her mother and the daughter.  Passing by a taxidermied shark and a huge dog made of stainless, the master wants to talk in quieter space, empty theater, they enter. He asks two women to prove that they are the actual mother and daughter. The daughter suddenly recalls the moment that her mother was burning the notes. 
The mother said 
      You've never seen my mom and grandma, but they had always said to me to keep the writing. Because it could be my whole fortune or my only legacy.
      I might need your legacy later, so I can prove that I am a daughter of you. So, mom, please don’t burn your note. 
      But, I lost everything when I lost my home. 
     Then, what are you burning? 
     Delusion and mistake of my young day.
     You, a failure of feminism! 

When the daughter is awakened, the correctest chemist calculates with a small calculator, how much space they can donate to these aliens. 
They make the sorriest face. The daughter, again, passing by the shiniest box of taxidermied shark and the hugest telescope, leaves the house. They came back to where her mother met the bee. The daughter wandered the earth so much that she forgot which side was east and which side was west. Though the roamer, the daughter, gained the legacies of other daughters, each word is so great that it took quite a while to accept and sympathize with it, for this introverter's daughter. Nevertheless, the legacies do not make her alike the other daughters. Because, as I said before, she is an inflictor who couldn’t even protect her mother’s delusion. She thought that She is the proper person to be called a fan of the other daughters. 
Eventually, she decided to stand her mother’s coffin between the un-composted caskets. In the mother’s coffin, made of fiber and starch, the introvert takes out a broken compass from her pocket. She barely turns her head toward the point where the compass says the west. Anyway, her coffin is sliding down to the center of the earth. And the daughter is going to the boys who sing the suffer. 

An Introvert's Curiosity,  March, 2020 
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