To the Eternity 

We travel through the space. Where time stands still till eternity, where the sky and the water becomes one, where we can’t differentiate a mountain range from a leaf vein,, a mansion from a mountain, a rock from a brick. We jump as we dive. We swim as we fly.  


When light leaks in, hide in its shadow; when the darkness is falling, groom yourself with light. Sometimes, the world folds itself, and the next thing you would know is a strange new exploitative world. It might be different from other worlds you’ve been to, but it is the same as here. The space folds, and it estranges itself and distorts you. So, when we go to sleep, we go for where there are circles. Because circles are tunnels. Through the tunnel you would always find your way back here. We used to live in houses of circles, we now sleep in shuttles with circles. When you’re lost, look up to the moon. Sometimes it is a circle. When you turn on the flash light, look down and jump in. That light you made is always a circle. If you are around water, pounds can be circles; the floating turtle shell can be a circle; cut a pipe, it is a circle. That circle is our home, which we thought was overly cultivating on us so we left, and then we found out that we are cultivating as well on the new world, and then we realize it is really this new world cultivating on us. But we guess it is just a part of this journey. 


The buffalo sleeps in the wild. He never came and never leave. Or maybe he is just another distorted test to eternity. Either way, he has always been here. He ties himself here, maybe because he did not want to go anywhere else and cultivate again. Nothing seems to startle him. No matter if it is a fallen wing, a fallen ball or a fallen star. He stares and tells the world that he is confused. But it’s fine. We have already gotten used to his confusion, and we live together now.  


No one knows what eternity looks like. And no one knows if we will ever get there. But in this travel that we have been doing for thousands of years, we’ll keep moving. Until we reach eternity. 

All images from Fan Dong(凡洞) by Zhou Tao