I have always wanted a Japanese garden. And now I am finally living in one. 


It is my private garden. 


It has Bracken, Sedum, Acorus girminess, mondograss, Lysimachia nummurlaria, Microbiota decussate, Japanese spurge, Helleborus, Aspidistra elatior, Brown Heuchera, Pink Heuchera, Purple Heuchera, Green Heuchera, Green Heuchera with red vein, Abella, Grandiflora, White Hydrangea, Pink Hydrangea, Blue Hydrangea, Purple Hydrangea, Green Hydrangea, Yellow Hydrangea, llex crenata also known as Japanese Holly, rosemary, lavender, lonicear nitida, Vinurnum plicatum also known as Chinese snowball, Sakura, Farfugium japonicum also known as Leopard plant, HOretail reeds, Azalea of different shade of red, Bamboo, Camellia, Cherry, Hosta, Iris, Lotus, Wisteria, Tamuke-tutuji also known as a weeping maple, Black Pine, Goyoumatsu also known as Japanese white pine, Ubamegashi, Ume also known as Japanese apricot, Kousa dogwood, Doudan azalea, Spirase cantoniensis and and plum trees.I don’t need to trim or water them. They grow themselves and always in my ideal shapes. 


It has a small pond infant of my front Engawa, the outer corridor. A bridge over the pond. The water is green and blue. With the shade of an Opal. No finish in the pond, so I dangle my legs in the water to feel the summer freeze. There are several stone lanterns in my garden. The air is always monstrous so moss overs their caps. A Tsukubai water Basin with bamboo tap. Paths made by stepping stones are also covered by moss because I do not need to walk on them ever. A dry pond decorated with stones islands next to my back Engawa. 


It is always sunny in the morning, starts raining at noon, and sunny again with a pink sunset and starry night. Everything is green except those who can’t. 


I boil a pot of tea, and the candle light shed a warm shade of orange on my face.