Cleaning, cleaning cleaning.

So much fucking cleaning and organizing and reorganizing and reconfiguring and reducing and removing and recycling and and and sanitizing. Like every inch of everywhere in every corner of every drawer of every closet in every room and bathroom. 


Essentials, sentiments, and eliminations. Repeat! 

Essentials, sentiments, and eliminations!


However, Nevertheless. Still. Yet. In every inch of everywhere in every corner of every drawer and every closet of every room and bathroom, there is always that one thing you can’t decide to sentimentalize, or to eliminate. To Yay or to Nay? To toot or to boot? To drop it or lock it? To seize or to squander? To submit or to dominate? To fight or to fold? To BE OR NOT TO BE, GODDAMMIT! AND you’re left wondering thefuck? do I do with this?

>>>>>>> so you just throw it in a huge box!!!!!silly


Well, I throw a lot in the box girl! That’s a big box girl! 

Big box, little box. 

You know? Large cavern, small cave. Huge hole, tight orifice. Spacious container, compact chest baby!!

Its been a four days and  it keeps me up at night. Teasing me. Taunting me. Trying me. But never Touching me!

I hear its calls, calling like a siren singing. Calling like a siren ringing! “~~cCLeAn mEe~ ~” it echoes ghostly.

But I’ve had to clean and organize and reorganize and reconfigure and reduce and remove and recycle and and and sanitize so much I just am done. I’m tired!


So I just acknowledge it and avoid it.

Acknowledge it, and avoid.

Acknowledge, and, avoid.


Fermenting the indecision.


Soon! And soon I will. I will tend to you one day my friend, but right now, I must focus on letting my garden just grow!