Covidiary was conceived in quarantine. We had been reading, writing, performing and talking together every week since late January when Covid-19 forced us out of our classroom and into our homes, our networks, our masks. Our planned project of producing individual chapbooks went away too. 

Instead, we began to think and feel through the ‘social distancing,’ writing from the corners of our shelter, pondering views we never asked for. We agreed to keep writing. Desire persists. Proximity is glitched and touch computed. Domesticity is rewritten, and also NOT. We keep writing, and we will continue to. Covidiary will update weekly. Design, Build, and Editorial Management: Emma Huerta Flores

Alexis LeGall-Aton

Angel Retana-Torres

Anne Walsh

Eleanor Singer

Ellie Roussos

Emma Huerta Flores

Jacquelyn Serrano

Lily Evans

Rikke From

Vanessa Yang

Xavier Da Costa e Silva

Yesenia Avila-Cortez

Yujin Hwang