Looking at this film I see the precipice. A moment in time and place where the shift began to occur, and our ancestors--the former homo sapiens sapiens-- found themselves caught up in a landscape cluttered with the debris of the world they were killing for the one they thought they could build. 

Dead,useless, and broken down objects surrounding the living.Trash. So much trash.

They made so many things for themselves. And in turn those things led to their demise. 

Excess. Greed. Their ultimate downfall.

They left the planet barren. Gorged on its bounty with the name “resource.” 

And they made themselves sick. So sick they could no longer breathe. No longer move. Their bodies rotted and polluted like the soil and waters they desecrated. No more trees left to breathe new air into their selfish lungs.

They destroyed themselves. Suicidal monsters. Life denyers. 

And they took it all with them. Their fellow animals. The plants that could’ve sustained them. Air, earth,water,sky. Even the sunlight. They killed it all. Left nothing but death. For what?

The lie that they could have it all.

That they could be the kings of their own heavens. Women and animals their dominion.

But tyranny could never last.It never did. And their empires built on sand crumbled to shit.

Their fellow animals watched, their eyes filled with horror.

If the humans were too stupid to see the death they were racing towards, their fellow creatures certainly weren’t. They must have known their fate was sealed very very long ago. Watching Homo Sapiens murder and devour the other members of the genus homo.

All that was left was to devour itself. And end the rest of the world with it.