Fan Dong The Worldly Cave Film by Zhou Tao

(a review)

The Worldly Cave, so mysterious, so enthralling, and yet so uneasy. There is no time frame given to you, nor are you given any context. You never know what is happening or why and are surprised by each new scene. You lose yourself as you get immersed in this type of limbo. A limbo in which you are forced to see a dystopian world made up from man-made piles of machines and of the remnants of untouched nature. Such sites provoke feelings of unease or discomfort as you watch people go about tasks in such a strange environment. People go for walks in caves, while a child can go play in the dark outside of their washing machine-like house, or some go for a drive through flame covered woods. It is provocative and mesmerizing, the Worldly Cave has a way with its pictorial images and vivid colors.