Astonishingly, there was a time we could listen to the actual sound if we turned all the volume down. At least at that moment when we stopped everything, we could even hear the noise of the wind. But the mixer cars had rolled constantly to produce blurry colored concrete. Then, the concrete was piled up on the earth's throat which was already arid, and we couldn’t hear its voice anymore. 

Some people had forced to open the throat with reinforcing bars and built concrete doms for simulating its uvula which had lost its function earlier. Of course, for building the imitated uvula, other people were digging out a greater hole on the other side of the earth, so they could not hear anything as well. 

People have tried many things in the artificial throat. They made massive lights to simulate the sun and covered themselves with thick rubber fabrics to simulate the night. But the inside of a windless artificial jungle, the light could not make trees grow, and the rubber fabric only made them feel suffocated. 

Now, we are digging out this moon to reserve our batteries while afraid of the blackout that goes beyond silence and will terrorize us.

No one ever said that the moon is ours though.

Are you whispering or is that my speaker volume too low? I miss your voice volume. Since these little holes are our sole means of communicating, do not mute your mic. Speaking through this mic, listening to the voices through this speaker, and observing outside of the wall through this monitor were such an ironic privilege. Sometimes the room made me befuddled, and maybe that is why I haven’t found my vocation yet. Or, perhaps, neither more nor less, I think it’s appropriate to me to be called witness A or something. But I am going to grab some seeds when I go out the wall this time, though I am not sure these seeds are correct, though I am not sure there is land for these seeds, it's time to practice what I've been simulating with artificial grass.

Anyway, congrats on our graduation!