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The Worst:

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The Best:

This meme took me by surprise. Everything about this made my day, from the actual reptile being shown, to the wording choice that was presented. It gave a creative spin on showing some of the positive effects of Covid-19 in the world, while also using dark humor to serve out some facts. Just look at how happy that Louis Vuitton bag looks swimming in that clean and refreshing (no longer polluted by human stank) water. It can live another day in its alive form before a pesky human uses it for a luxury bag. Now this is the type of news that people should be showing. News media is always trying to scare your pants off with “Corona did THIS”and “Corona KILLED that”, but like it’s not just about that. It’s also about the crazy things we’re seeing outside because Earth is closed.

This is the worst! Trump news is always news that’s hard to watch/ hear/ deal with on any basis, but this, THIS? This is just ridiculous. It is too much fluff and not enough gossip. It’s just weird to write about White House drama in a very factual and educational tone, when we all know that the drama that happens in there actually sounds like kids pointing fingers at each other. They should have just told it like it is saying that the President’s Daily Brief is super boring and that Trump didn’t pay attention so he didn’t know what he was talking about. We’re all suffering in this time and the last thing anyone wants to do is have to skim through a bunch of filler words to get to the real news.