Youtube algorithm surprises me in various ways. I was talking about a new spider living in my window last day, and this video popped up on Youtube at that night. Perhaps this video will make a little change in my attitude about the outside world after this quarantine. It gives me, who is a failure of symbiosis, one more chance to exuviate from parasitic practices.  

I have failed my ambitious attempt to live in symbiosis twice. The first attempt was to live with fish and the second was to live with helmet crabs. But I infected them with the virus named ‘delusion of the human position’ since the moment I touched them. The 18 fish and two helmet crabs earned nothing from me and provided me a good experience.  

This time, I decided to just watch the spider. During this boring quarantine, the spider is a pretty fresh attraction. She provides me enjoyment.  wow, I am parasitic on the spider this time again.

Einstein predicted that if there were no bees, humanity would have been destroyed by 4 years. Whether he is right or not, what if there were bees but no human? It might be sO hOnEy..!  

When can I live a life인생(人生) on the earth, not a parasitism기생(寄生)?


                                                                                                   April.13. 2020

 my idol!