The Quarantine war

Lying in my bed at night, I toss and turn

Thinking of the things I did that day

Things I didn’t do

Things I couldn’t do

I turn again, my fears starting to stir

What if we weren’t ready

Weren’t prepared enough

Weren’t safe enough

I lie on my back, trying to think of sleep

Germs multiply and it only takes one to start

One to mutate

One to infect

I curl up on my side, wondering about my safety

And I hear it

Hear the sound of infection

Hear the sound of plague

I jump up, trying to find the source

My eyes search for any trace

Any sign of it

Any clue

Nothing, I lie back down

But I hear it as it comes again

Comes to eat me

Comes to infect me

I lie waiting, ready to attack

Ready to kill 

Ready to have this small victory

It's here again, I spring up

My hand moves slamming on the wall

On the creature

On my fear

But it's over now and I can breathe

I remove my hand and see red

See the thing with my blood

See that it got me

I groan and scrub my hands pink

How paranoid, just go to sleep