April 6, 2020 

A north-facing window attached shaded wall faces south-facing windows that face the sunlight.

Some people have avoided rooms that have north-facing windows. 

But we found reasons why the north-facing window is such a worthwhile structure.

1. A steady amount of (zero) sunlight. 2. Cool in summer. 3. And moderate price.

Though We moved in this place last autumn and haven’t welcomed any summer yet. 

While preparing to hold the steady sunlight, we met a variable. 

A long, thick, and round pillar. 

It’s huge, but not huge. Just a pillar with a jumbotron on top.

The jumbotron, it seems to be looking at the southwest and the cars heading to the north during the day. But in the evening, it peeps inside of the north-facing windows by the spreading lights, the side glances, and the sclera.  


can ‘uncomfortable’ be the proper word for the reason of reporting?

She closes the curtains. 

When the sun rises, she opens the curtain and checks the giant panel. Her focus is going farther this time, zoom in zoom zoom zoom in zoom in the small carbon panel 

,the small carbon panel, a person is holding at the exit of the freeway. 

‘Any food, Any job, Any money’ 

      She is looking at the cars leaving the freeway, but her eyes constantly focus on the huge panel every minute for            6 seconds.

 'MacDonald’: 2 for $5 :)'


 such a good deal. 

Just in time, $5 is on the edge of a car window in front of her. no, zoom in, zoom the money in. 

The money is actually dangling between the edge of nails. 

Let’s grab the thin rope, follow the tailback and run to the tailback’s head.


'Welcome to MacDonald.' 

*Drive-thru only*



Excuse me, is anyone inside?


And soon she listens to whisper from inside of the structure.


It’s $1,500 six seconds every minute to advertise for a week.On that jumbotron.you know what I am saying?So you have to make at least 600 burgers in a week.hey,zoom to farms, cultivate more lettuce, tomato, Zoom them, zoom to the slaughterhouses make more patties.zoom the patties zoom the money. 

She kicks her beautiful panel.

April 8, 2020