I spend most days romancing the radiator

I put on bridal dresses and dance 

Or otherwise I sit cross legged with a full bowl of nuts and feed them one by one and the radiator whispers back gratitudes and tickles up my thighs


In the morning the radiator speaks to me and slurs all of its lessons like a man at the club I was too afraid to go to before I was told to be afraid. It says hell ofanight last night I watched you dreaming andall you could see wassa warm hairy arm ora hotheaving chest and you told me heat up heat up I want to sweat so I cranked and crackled and you wriggled and writhed 


In the daytime I pee and flush and press my bare ass on the radiator and it burns like hell so I make a tea to settle down and sit in the smell of burnt plastic and asscheeks 


My dreams are filled with ancient myths. I’ve been thinking everything is Oedipal but I never read the plays. My grandmother wrangles two snakes and our little house floods. I climb out of the dream with one hand on the radiator and it bites me hard. I spend the whole rest of the night drowning and the radiator swoons and sings songs from the underworld songs that are like whales breath and in the morning it says baby baby baby I’m tired I’m sick I’m coughing up dust