Going to sleep at night to the sound of muted alarm 

Rikke From

Going to sleep at night to the sound of my muted alarm and my roomie not typing on her computer

un-charging on the desk. Not my alarm, not Tanvi’s alarm, dinner, non-coffee coffee, and turning

off cigarettes inside with students not noticing me and not thinking I’m saving the Lions with my

unlighted cigarettes. Last class, first class, I do understand why animals are not eating Lunch.

Reciting and performing Netflix spread in time and place to see who won’t win the competition of

someone else’s procrastination Karl Marx or Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Rachel.

Anarchy by the minority.

Not according to Marx, the white woman is not a slave owner; she's simply a woman. She only

becomes a slave owner in non-social natural non-relation. The animals’ food chain is socially

unconstructed unplaced in a non-historical context. However, the female unemployed gains the

socially constructed animal-sense by repressing her creative constructing abilities. The only thing

that is better than being liberated by communism is not being liberated by communism. The only

thing that is worse than being repressed by capitalism is not being repressed by capitalism.

At breakfast, Norway is complimenting my choice of food I won’t eat but I understand they

understand I didn’t understand all their words I didn’t say. In the morning I don’t ask Tanvi if she

doesn’t get underwhelmed about the amount of unawareness in the space. Because she’s not asleep.